Bonsai EventsAround The World

Our good friend Kath Hughes in Great Britian has provided us with this listing of bonsai conventions and meetings around the globe. If you would like to view a printer friendly PDF file of this listing, please click on the button below. Preparing and keeping such a comprehensive listing is no small task and we're sure Kath would always appreciate a little help. So... If you have a bonsai event you would like to list, drop her an e-mail at:

International Events

Bonsai Events In North America

Likewise, Mike Horgan, our good friend in New Jersey has been laboring long and hard to provide a comprehensive listing of bonsai events and conventions here in North America. You can view a PDF image of that listing by clicking on the button below. And like, Kath... Mike is always looking for a little help as well. If you have an event you would like him to list, just drop him an e-mail at MHORGAN23@GMAIL.COM

North American Events

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