International Winners of the2013 WBFF Photo Contest.

Each time a World Bonsai Friendship Federation Convention takes place, a special part of that convention usually includes an exhibition of photographs of bonsai from around the world. Each region of the WBFF selects the best from the entries they receive and those are submitted to the WBFF for inclusion in the international exhibition. The North American Bonsai Federation participates in this contest each time it is held. Unfortuntely logistics for the upcoming 2017 WBFF Convention in Japan did not allow time for inclusion of a photo contest. Even so, we have had some great photos of the trees at past conventions and we thought you might like to see some of the winners from the 2013 competition in Jintan, China.

Grand Winner
2013 WBFF Saburo Kato Memorial Award

Naotoshi Takagi - JAPAN
Juniperus chinensis var, sargentii 'Shimpaku'
Height: 85cm

Second Place
2013 WBFF World Bonsai Photo Contest

Eddy Sebayang - INDONESIA
Casuarina equisetifolia
Height: 12cm

Third Place
2013 WBFF World Bonsai Photo Contest

Nelson Hernandez - PUERTO RICO
Neea Buxifolia
Height: 82cm

Fourth Place
2013 WBFF World Bonsai Photo Contest

Premna microphylla
Height: 65cm

Fifth Place
2013 WBFF World Bonsai Photo Contest

Han Tung Hang - TAIWAN
Juniperus chinensis
Height: 100cm

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